Thursday, December 14, 2006

TV Assignment no.5

In overall the session project of TV Journal was good. I found that the project was inspirational. I liked the liberty to choose our program. I find that the concept was nice, because we often have to understand someone speak in English. So this project gives us the chance to lessen and understand some English conversations.

Furthermore, I liked my TV program. However, I didn’t like the specific vocabulary that the witches used on my TV show. I think that you should suggests at your future students, that it’s better to watch a program who talk of subject more common than Charmed.

In conclusion I am satisfied of this project.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

TV Journal Assignment no.4

For my third TV journal I will do a summery of the third episode through the mind of Proux.

Last day I was at my new job, and I was searching for something really complicate, when a man enters on my workspace. He put his ring on my desk and he politely asked me to talk about his ring. I decided to look the jewel quickly; I saw a wonderful ring in gold. I thought I even saw this ring before… I looked on an Egyptian encyclopedic and I discovered that this was a magic shield. Moreover I understand that the reason why this ring was familiarly it’s because I was the ring at my father. Forthwith I became angry. Many souvenirs came back to my memory. I asked to the man who was my father who is came back after many years, to leave.

Last evening I told the story to my sisters. Funnily both my sisters wanted to see him. I think didn’t trust him because he left us family when my sisters were really young, this had of consequence to compel me to be responsible of my sisters. In real often hope to see my father but now I hate him.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Episode two of “Charmed”

Piper, like usually, working when Feeby arrived at her restaurant. Feeby was much cute this day, so she met a man. He was a famous young photograph. Feeby was charming by him, and he invited her at his home to take picture of her. Feeby, really happy, accepted immediately. She has to meet him the day after.

We know that last episode Proux arrived at job, and she was call to see her boss. Like usually, he was angry with her. So this time, it was a lot. She decided to quit her job. She is anthropologist; she worked at a museum to estimate value of arts. This episode, she was interview for a job. Her interview was going bad when she used her knowledge to impress her interviewer. She passed the first part of her interview. For the second part she was fallowing the man when, some wet paint went to fall on her. Unintentional, she used her magic power behind people to divert the paint. The boss colleague saw her and discovered that Proux is a witch.

Piper has many problems to accept her new magic power, she thought that" if she is a witch, she is necessary bad". With times, and readings she understood that she could by a good witch.

The meeting of Feeby finally arrived. She went at the photograph home. When she thought the door handle she has a prediction. She saw, that the man was a demon. He kidnapped young nice girl to stole us them youthfulness. She turned off but the demon kidnapped her. Proux and Piper found Feeby was late, so they decided to search her. Finally, they succeeded to safe her.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

TV JOURNAL Assignment1

About the TV program Charmed
For my English course I have decided to watch the TV program ''Charmed''. This is the story of three sisters Piper, Prue and Phoebe Halliwell. The story takes place in San Francisco. At a young age, their parents died; also they were educated by their grand-mother. Unfortunately, their grand-mother died. The youngest sister, Phoebe, left the family home to go work in New York. Two months after, she came back to live with her two sisters. Upon her return, she found, in the attic, the Book of Shadow. It was a book left by those ancestors. With this finding the three sisters discover that they are witches. The three together are the most powerful witches in the world. Each of them is able to do something in particular. Phoebe has premonitions, Piper stops time and Prue is telepathic.

I chose this TV program because I like the actresses and I found that the story is riveting. I hope I will understand oral conversation faster than before.